This year’s Longitude Prize is focused on the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. They’ve put together a nice image, shown here, which showcases what they term ‘the ten most dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria’. You can read more detail on each of them here:http://www.nesta.org.uk/news/antibiotic-resistant-bacteria

The prize offers a £10 million prize fund for the development of a cheap, accurate, and easy to use bacterial infection test kit, which will allow doctors to prescribe the correct antibiotics at the correct time for patients, to try to help minimise the development of antibiotic resistance.

And I’m tired
I only want the truth

I can’t wait to see them at the end of September!


"Có những người không nhìn rõ cái đích đến của mình nên cuộc sống của họ cứ trôi đi, như vậy lãng phí rất nhiều thời gian và tuổi trẻ. Em sợ nhất là ngày mai không được sống nữa. Chẳng hạn giờ nhỡ ra kia bị tai nạn, chết thế thì rất tiếc, em rất yêu cuộc sống này. Em muốn làm những gì hướng về phía trước chứ không muốn dừng lại."

“There are lots of people who aren’t aware of where in life they’re heading towards. They’re just wasting their young years. I’m really afraid of the idea that I might not be alive tomorrow, like from dying in an accident. That’d be a shame because I love my life too much. I just want to do things that push me ahead, not things that stop me in my tracks.”


Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado: Harmonic Images of Life and Consciousness 

Artist on Tumblr, on deviantART

With the use of bright colors, geometric shapes, dashes and dots I create extraordinary abstract imagery. I have been a painter for most of my life, taking painting classes from a very young age, but it wasn’t until recently that I started expressing myself through my artwork.

I am an artist obsessed with detail, expressing emotions through the fragmentation of color, capturing a great light in my artwork. In most of my paintings I represent the human form or some sort of human element and our connection to another plane of consciousness . In my process of painting, I sometimes have a very clear image of what I want to represent, they are images that pop into my head, and that is what I put down on canvas. At other times I just work from a feeling and start putting forms and colors down and later I look at it and find the story I want to tell.


Hans Liu aka Sosoliu aka Hans Photographs (Taiwan) - DSC_0252, 2009   Photography